Why NDD Print’s Job Accounting works so well?

April 18, 2022

The diversity of print job accounting allows tracking print documents and bills to the correct departments: get to know some features of this NDD Print’s feature.

Job accounting and billing are two decisive times for a print management solution. They represent the moment when the managed print service shows to their client that the solution can track all the prints, regardless of where it happens, and make the appropriate accounting and billing. That success allows companies to establish their print policies and follow up with periodic reports.

One of the decisive differentials of a print management solution is to operate as a Software as a Service (SaaS). As we had previously shown in our blog, SaaS solutions offer five benefits for managed print companies and their clients: cost, scalability, accessibility, time optimization, and simple updates with no compatibility issues.

When clients do not need to invest time and money in servers, operational systems, and databases, they can focus on their core business and the results of hiring a print management solution. Besides the cost reduction, SaaS solutions, like NDD Print, do not need a specialized team for installation, do not require servers, and it’s easy to deploy.

>> What are the benefits of NDD Print? We explained this in our blog. Read more!

Diversity of job accounting

Besides being a SaaS Solution, there is another advantage of the platform. A managed print service should be able to monitor all the devices, collecting necessary information from printers and the computers to make the accounting happens. In this scenario, a solution must be capable of gathering data, integrating and billing them to the appropriate people, departments, squad teams, or projects. 

See the three accounting types collected by NDD Print:

Embedded software – Releasing print jobs occurs through an application embedded in the multifunction printer.

Direct physical accounting – There is direct communication at the printers. 

Logical spool accounting – Information coming from spool files at the operating system allows counting and tracking documents. 

We explained more about the diversity of job accounting in this article. That is also important to help clients to establish their print policy, provide economy and reduce the use of supplies, following real data from users and their behaviors. 

Read some of the features offered by NDD Print to guarantee the success of accounting and billing:

Data centralization – That provides the ability to determine all the settings of the print environment along with the application of management tools.

Flexibility – All the print jobs are gathered, counting devices connected by a network, physically or imported data from other systems or platforms.

Automatic print division – That feature makes it easy to be part of different cost centers, allowing a hierarchic structure of accounts.

Quota management – It is possible to administer the quotas by pages, value, color, user, devices, or shared. 

Reports – When a print policy is defined by the client, NDD Print monitors the consumption, creating alerts or blocking users that exceed their quotas. The user can track and manage their quotas.

Web management – The managers can rearrange settings and use all the tools in the web version of NDD Print 360. That is an adaptation for moments with the home office or hybrid work.

Print profile – According to the company policies’, each user or department has its rules. The creation is simple with several filters that could be combined.

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