What is document management lifecycle?

September 11, 2020

For companies, it is important to keep in mind that documents can be infinite. Managing your cycles is essential for the company to have greater control over what is produced. This is not just about printing, but also about scanning.

With many paper-based digitization processes growing, management must have adequate planning and, at the same time, a system that helps that organization. To understand what functions are crucial to document management, it’s essential to first define the end-to-end document lifecycle and the objectives of each phase. 

The document management lifecycle begins when a document is created and evolves through to the point it is either archived or destroyed. The stages in between consist of:

  1. Classification/categorization – determining and tagging the contents of the document so that it may be stored appropriately;
  2. Storage – migrating the document to a secure storage repository, from which it may be retrieved as needed;
  3. Performance – performing any tasks and actions that are required to ensure the document fulfills its intended purpose;
  4. Archiving and/or destruction – to reduce clutter and manage risks, such as requirements for protecting personally identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive data, it’s crucial to ensure that inactive and/or expired documents are either archived or properly destroyed.

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The nddPrint Plus

Documents still play a major role in this, and many small businesses have not yet implemented an onsite “document management” strategy. The options for the dealer tend to be limited to inexpensive solutions that will not accomplish this goal or expensive cloud based strategies that the SMB cannot afford. Not to mention that the expense of these cloud based strategies continue for the life of the company. Getting more and more expensive as they grow.

What we have done

We have modified the nddPrint Plus Appliance to act as a “Hybrid Cloud” meaning the device resides at the customers location and allows for Remote Workers to fully access its capabilities. This enables a quick implementation that is delivered as a financed offering.

The result is a fully configured document management solution that is less than half the price monthly of the “other” offerings but then reduces after 36 months. What’s the best part? Since the nddPrint Plus is a leasable piece of hardware, the dealer gets funded upfront.

Key Features:

  • Remote access scan, index and retrieve
  • Intelligent Indexing
  • Microsoft AI for forms recognition and auto population/data extraction
  • Online Forms
  • Workflow routing and approval
  • Integration into Office 360 and SharePoint
  • Scan, import or email capture

We are able to provide the best solution for your business. Talk to one of our specialists and find out how we can help you. 


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