Digital workflow enhances companies’ productivity

March 30, 2021

60% of the companies in the US expect to digitize their workflow in the next three years

Document scanning becomes one of the stages of print management for dealers. Many companies establish their workflows, trying to create an automatic way to organize documents that should pass for a digitizing process. It seems a simple task, but if the documents were handed to the wrong place, it will develop a problem for the organization.

On other hand, if you are successful in developing this strategy, the dealer’s customer will experience growing in productivity, improving customer experience, allowing employees to focus on strategic roles, and spending more time in meaningful work.

It is the dealer’s role to explain that the digital workflow is not the same thing as simple automation. By digitizing workflows, a business can reduce the number of actions required to accomplish a task, eliminate paperwork, avoid inconsistencies and – more important – improve staff productivity. 

Companies take document scanning to another level adding new features. It is possible to capture and process data, relating to the workflow. These improvements bring together different sources of information organization, optimize and distribute content for the necessary teams and store the documents in the right place.

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More efficiency, innovation, and collaboration

According to a survey conducted by Oxford Economics, 60% of the companies in the US expect to digitize their workflow in the next three years: “They [The Cio’s] see workflow digitization as important to advancing their organizations’ efficiency (95%), innovation (95%), productivity (96%), financial performance (96%), employee performance (95%), and collaboration (95%)”.

“CIOs who lead organizations with the most workflow digitization are more likely than the ones that are the least digitized to be highly successful at increasing operational efficiency and speed to market (48% versus 32%), developing new products and services (46% versus 24%), attracting new customers (45% versus 24%), and attracting and retaining top talent (45% versus 15%)”, says the survey.

Departments that take advantage of digitization workflow

The dealer’s role is to show some benefits of implementing a digitization workflow in a print management system, taking into account the necessary needs for each market or business. The dealer’s customer should know that it is viable to personalize the features according to their demands. 

See other benefits: 

  • Inventory Management – It will allow keeping up to date the merchandise stored in your warehouses, which will facilitate finding the availability of the product. This way it is simple to control the stock and guarantee that your company is not running out of any crucial product. Also, it is easy to forecast your stock for a certain period.
  • Contract management – Bureaucratic tasks, as contract management, will be simpler, since the reviewing, approving, and retrieving becomes controlled. It is possible to configure personalized persons that should receive each contract. The people can take off their shoulders repetitive tasks and focus on strategic assignments.
  • Accounting and Billing – Just as in contract management, the dealers guarantee that business will efficiently manage business transactions and accounting demands. 
  • Sales and post-sales activities – It is possible to integrate the information acquired from contract management or accounting with customer service and sales workflow to offer a full view of the customer data (capturing all the interactions), including in an Omnichannel strategy.

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