Understand the importance of Pull Printing after the pandemic

December 18, 2020

As the world returns to normal, it will be necessary to prioritize, more and more, within the workspaces, flows, and routines that allow employees to be safe. In this sense, the methods and technologies inside the desks, which allow avoiding direct contact with the surfaces, will become a priority.

Therefore, it will be necessary to avoid, whenever possible, touching common devices such as printers. How to do that? With pull printing, this printing function is already quite important, and it will be even more so.

Understanding Pull Printing

Pull printing is a printing function in which the user’s print job is saved to a server or workstation and released by the user to any device that supports this function.

Therefore, when the technology is used, the user must authenticate to print the documents.

Is Pull Printing a useful technology for companies?

Yes, and in different ways. The first is that it will increasingly be necessary to prioritize the use of technologies that ensure peace of mind for companies in the face of pandemic crises such as COVID-19.

This means looking for simple but efficient solutions in seeking to avoid contact whenever possible.

Besides, pull printing provides another level of security that is as important as the previous one: the security of the documents.

How many times can companies, large or not, have experienced situations where confidential or extremely important documents have been left out of the printer?

This can happen precisely because there is no authentication layer on these devices. Pull printing solves this.

Less waste, more productivity

Having pull printing technology means reducing unnecessary printing. Because, as this level of release exists, it is ensured that the document will only be printed if the person who requested it needs it.

Situations where employees asked for a print and regretted it or found a mistake, for example, are reduced, thereby also wasting pages.

Also, users group and facilitate the print job, as they can select a series of documents to print only once, when, and where most conveniently.

In some specific cases, and under the correct settings, if the nearest printer doesn’t work, you can simply go to another device, rather than having to request printing again, to another station.

To learn more about pull printing and secure document release methods, talk to our experts at nddPrint.


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