nddPrint 360 app: new features for your outsourcing

September 19, 2019

nddPrint 360 App: mobility and convenience for corporate printing environments

nddPrint 360 is a complete solution for efficient control and management of corporate printing environments. From accounting to print controls, the tool ensures full management of these environments, according to the needs of each company and each print fleet.

Now nddPrint has news that will deliver even better user experience and convenience to its customers and solution users: we are relaunching the nddPrint 360 mobile app.

The nddPrint 360 mobile app: benefits

The nddPrint app gives your users the agility of not depending on a computer to print, or a release terminal to run the prints. As it is connected to the corporate cloud, users can move between sectors or branches of your organization, taking their prints with them, as well as being able to print on any printer in your environment.

More value to customers in different scenarios

The nddPrint 360 mobile app significantly reduces operating costs and streamlines the printing process and management for the end user. In addition, if printers don’t have the intelligence to enable the nddPrint solution embedded, this can be easily resolved by using the app, thus reducing total project costs. Here are some of the app highlights:

Updated version of nddPrint app offers advantages

The completely redesigned, more intuitive and practical new app interface comes with several other new features, such as support for environments with nddPrint Releaser and nddPrint Host on different servers; multiple selection of documents, enabling to delete, save and/or print numerous files at once; printing with ink-saving options enabled, shortcuts, and direct access to pending documents; sharing multiple documents to users; adding and/or deleting documents for authorized users and viewing quota reports, allowing filter by purpose and period.

These are nddPrint 360 mobile key features:

  • Releasing held prints;
  • Printing new documents;
  • Printing documents from private clouds;
  • Converting held documents;
  • Increased number of copies of the same document;
  • Viewing user information by Dashboard;
  • Progress summary of the last 3 months;
  • Details of total print volume in the current month;
  • User environmental impact;
  • Monthly statistical data with specific percentages of costs and consumption;
  • Ink-saving mode;
  • Querying print quota balance;
  • Querying storage available for the user.

App now available for download

The nddPrint 360 mobile app is now available for download via Android and iOSClick on the banner below and get a free trial of nddPrint 360!

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