How to use the new nddPrint feature in your printing environment

April 22, 2020

nddPrint has added a new feature, which will help you identifying breakdowns that may happen in the customer’s environment

nddPrint has added the new modules remote monitoring feature, operating in its customer’s infrastructure, aiming at cost optimization, management ease, and service quality improvement.

Now it is possible to detect inactive services and modules that could cause operation crashes, for example.

To obtain this new feature, you must update the nddPrint Host module, which it has now expanded monitoring capabilities and can also be monitored remotely.

Cost savings and more benefits for your operation

Remotely monitoring installed modules health in the customer’s environment, can reduce travel costs, service time, and unscheduled breakdowns.

With this feature, nddPrint becomes even more effective, increasing the service speed and performance provided between partners and their customers.

Among these and other advantages, it is possible to:

  • View and monitor data about installation, and provide essential hardware details;
  • Monitor module and services status;
  • Check the installed agent version

How to use the feature

See the benefits of this new feature by accessing the portal. To access it, follow the steps below:

  1. Enter here. Portal available in the NDD datacenter.
  2. The customer should request to the support team the nddPrint Host update to version 5.41;
  3. The registration on the agents’ portal of the updated nddPrint Hosts and their monitoring will occur as soon as the services start.

Check out now a demonstration video on how to use the feature and what it offers at this moment. For any questions, our team is ready to help you.

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